Convenient & Luxurious Walk-in Tubs for Residents of Marion, AR

Walk-in Tubs Marion AR

Many older residents of Marion, Arkansas, are opting to continue living at home when they reach retirement age, further increasing the need for aging-in-place upgrades – small renovations that make a home easier to navigate as mobility decreases and falling becomes a greater risk. One such aging-in-place upgrade that is popular with older homeowners is a walk-in tub. Whereas a traditional bathtub has a high basin wall that a person must step over in order to get into the tub, walk-in tubs have very low thresholds, so all an individual has to do is walk right in, sit down, and start unwinding.

Walk-in Tubs from RAMCO

At RAMCO Home improvements, we offer walk-in tubs by Jacuzzi, an industry-leading manufacturer that is widely regarded for the exceptional craftsmanship and quality of their bath products. These baths are designed with a bevy of features that are meant to enhance the safety and comfort of your bath experience, including:

  • Wide-opening, guaranteed leak-proof doors
  • In-line water heaters to maintain a warm and cozy temperature throughout the duration of your bath
  • Slip-resistant floors
  • Sturdy grab bars
  • Comfortable, raised bench seats
  • Up to 10 hydrotherapy jets for a relaxing massage

There are many exciting add-ons for these walk-in tubs as well, including a CleanLine system with antimicrobial additives that provide a cleaner bathing experience, Chromatherapy that uses color and light to restore well-being, and even lighted neck-massaging waterfalls.

If you’d like to learn more about our walk-in tubs, or the other bath remodeling products and services we offer, contact RAMCO Home improvements today. We are proud to serve residents of Marion, Arkansas, and the neighboring areas.

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