The Finest Walk-in Bathtub Selection in Southaven, MS

Walk-in Bathtub Southaven MS

Are you concerned about stepping over a high tub wall to bathe every day? Or perhaps you’re worried about a loved one with limited mobility sustaining a fall over the high threshold. Whatever the case may be, a walk-in bathtub can help ease those fears. Instead of having a high basin wall, walk-in tubs have a low threshold or none at all. This means that all an individual has to do is walk right in, minus the risk of tripping or falling. For masterfully crafted walk-in tubs in the Southaven, Mississippi, area, you can confidently turn to the professionals at RAMCO Home Improvements.

Tubs by Jacuzzi

At RAMCO, we only believe in offering our customers bath remodeling products that provide exceptional value, which is why we provide a selection of walk-in tubs by industry-leading manufacturer Jacuzzi. These bathtubs are designed with an array of features that are:

  • Safe – Our bathtubs have features, such as ergonomic grab bars, slip-resistant floors, and bench seats, to ensure you have the safest bathing experience possible.
  • Convenient – Features, such as guaranteed leak-proof doors, Fast Fill™ faucet and Fast Drain technology, and controls that are at arm level, will help make bathing more convenient than ever.
  • Therapeutic – Your new walk-in bathtub will provide a spa-like experience, thanks to additions like hydrotherapy jets and an in-line water heater that will help maintain a warm and cozy temperature throughout the duration of your soak.

If you would like additional information about the many benefits a walk-in bathtub by Jacuzzi offers, contact RAMCO Home Improvements today. We are happy to serve homeowners in the Southaven, MS, area.

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