Walk-in Tubs for Residents of West Memphis, TN

Walk-in Tubs West Memphis TN

If you or someone you love has limited mobility, or is looking for convenient, aging-in-place home safety products, the professionals at RAMCO Home Improvements are here to help. We offer masterfully crafted walk-in tubs that can make it easier to bathe when mobility decreases. Whereas a traditional bathtub has a high basin wall that a person must step over in order to get into the tub, a walk-in bathtub has low thresholds or none at all, so all an individual has to do is walk right in, without fear of tripping or falling.

A Selection From Jacuzzi

Made by industry-leading manufacturer Jacuzzi, these walk-in bathtubs are designed to provide the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and luxury. They have features such as wide-opening, guaranteed leak-proof doors, slip-resistant floors, raised bench seats, and sturdy grab bars, which will make bathing safer than ever before. But, these tubs aren’t just safe; they also can provide a spa-like experience. Hydrotherapy jets will provide you with a relaxing massage, while Chromotherapy features will use color and light to restore your well-being.

Plus, you’ll never have to worry about getting cold in your new walk-in bathtub. Thanks to in-line water heaters, your bath water will remain at a warm and cozy temperature for the entire duration of your bath, so you can relax and unwind for as long as you like.

Contact RAMCO Home Improvements today to learn more about our walk-in tubs, and the other bath products we offer. We are happy to offer our products and services to residents of West Memphis, TN, and the neighboring communities.

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